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Past Exhibitions



// Association franco-yukonnaise

// Owen Williams


// Claire Strauss, Bianca Martin, Josh Lesage, Jessica Hall and Charles Hegsted



// Solvey Johnsgaard and Ron Siu

// Curated by Monique Romeiko


// Northern Cultural Expressions Society

// FMR


// The Chu Niikwän Artist Residency


February 2019

Exhibitions on view February 1st - February 23rd, 2019

The Focus Gallery

Association franco-yukonnaise // Gadgets et vieux tresorsgadgets web

Huit artistes francophones exposent leurs créations sous le thème Gadgets et vieux trésors. Des installations multimédias et interactives vous seront présentées lors d'une soirée d'échanges et de découverte à la galerie Focus. Les oeuvres seront exposées jusqu'au 23 février.

Brigitte Desjardins
Lea-Ann McNally
Marie-Hélène Comeau
Marten Berkman
Noah, Maeva et Maryne Dumaine
Sylvie Binette

Gadgets et vieux trésors explore les notions d'anciennes et de nouvelles technologies, de découvertes scientifiques et de jeux ou procédés ayant eu un impact considérable sur la société.

Veuillez noter que la salle d'exposition est accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite.

Merci à :
Gouvernement du Yukon
Secrétariat du Québec aux relations canadiennes
Arts Underground
Yukon Art Society
Loteries Yukon
Ville de Whitehorse


Eight French-speaking artists will exhibit their work on the theme of Gadgets et vieux trésors (Gadgets and Ancient Treasures). Multimedia and interactive installations will be featured during an evening of sharing and discovery at the Focus Gallery. The exhibition will continue until February 23rd.

Brigitte Desjardins
Lea-Ann McNally
Marie-Hélène Comeau
Marten Berkman
Noah, Maeva and Maryne Dumaine
Sylvie Binette

Gadgets et vieux trésors (Gadgets and Ancient Treasures) explore the concept of old and modern technology, scientific discoveries, games and processes that have had an important impact on our lives.

Please note that the gallery hall is accessible to people with mobility issues.

Thanks to:
Government of Yukon
Secrétariat du Québec aux relations canadiennes
Arts Underground
Yukon Art Society
Lotteries Yukon
City of Whitehorse
Virginie Hamel
Gestionnaire, Arts et culture
Arts and Culture Manager

The Edge Gallery

Owen Williams // Codex: Canoncodexcanon web

Multiple elements contribute to the aesthetic impact of a book. These include, but are not limited to: it's height, width, proportion, materials, method of manufacture, form, binding, and content.

In Codex : Canon I systematically explore the proportion of the double opening of the book as an aesthetic unit using the modest material of a rectangular sheet of drafting vellum folded in half. The formal elements Codex : Canon considers are the height and width of the page in relation to geometry and human scale. The motif of the page folded in half subtly retains the three dimensional nature of the book.

Within these constraints, multiple taxonomies exist. I propose to install a selection of these taxonomies. Overt appeals to other aesthetic values of the book such as the tactile nature of the codex are suppressed to emphasize these aesthetic values.

Codex : Canon forms part of a series of works which explore, refine, and amplify the elements that inform a contemporary calligraphic practice.



January 2019

The Focus Gallery and The Edge Gallery

Claire Strauss, Bianca Martin, Josh Lesage, Jessica Hall and Charles Hegsted // What We Become in the Shadows

Exhibition on view January 4th - 26th, 2019

What We Become in the Shadows explores the literal, metaphysical, and psychological realms of shadow using ceramics, wood and stone sculpture, natural objects, poetry, mirrors, fabric, lights and video projection.

The term Shadow is used to describe the "darker side" or "disowned" part of our selves that often goes unexamined resulting in repressed qualities that subsides in our unconscious.

November 2018

The Focus Gallery

Solvey Johnsgaard and Ron Siu // Scintilla

Exhibition on view Friday, November 2nd - November 30th, 2018

Scintilla a small spark or flashweb.2018.11 Scintilla Invite

Bringing together our shared conviction that the nature of labour can only be dignified, that exertions of energy are uniquely tethered to bottomless pools of potential and sacrifice, these recent integrations of collage, painting, and sculpture were created in reference to both mass production and meticulous handiwork. We traded in practicality and efficiency for our trust in materiality. We cut corners only to pick them up and rearrange them again. Scintillating objects of amusement - decorative and fantastical icons and materials of pop culture convention - carry immeasurable histories that we wanted to honour as we painted, pressed, and hammered into their remnants. As possessions pass from hand to hand, acquired and discarded, worked and worn, we looked to their stories to guide our labour. Slices of material culture seem impossible to measure, and even harder to assess. Their edges are fuzzy and unfixed. Like small sparks, flashes of detail move about freely, igniting or dissipating without warning. We trusted that our roundabout exertions of handiwork would allow us to whittle away at “fixed” taste and value models, one scintilla at a time.

Solvey Johnsgaard is an emerging visual artist working primarily in collage and decoupage, with integrated language from painting, printmaking, drawing and sculpture. She was born and raised in Whitehorse, YT., and later moved to Dawson, YT., to attend the School of Visual Art. She completed her BFA in Drawing & Painting at Ontario College of Art and Design University in 2017, where she was awarded the Project 31 Drawing & Painting Award for excellence in drawing and painting, and the Eric Freifeld Award for excellence in figure draftsmanship. She has co-organized, curated, and participated in multiple group shows in Toronto, ON.

Ron Siu is a visual artist who was born in Toronto, ON and is currently based there as well. Working primarily in painting and mixed-media approaches, Siu has taken part in exhibitions across Canada and in Glasgow, UK. In 2018 he was one of the selected artists to participate in the Roundtable Residency in Toronto. He is presently pursuing his bachelor's in Drawing & Painting at the Ontario College of Art and Design University with expected completion in 2018.

The Edge Gallery

Curated by Monique Romeiko // ViDEOSKiN

Exhibition on view: Friday, November 2nd until Saturday, November 29th, 2018 2018.11 Romeiko Invitation


Over the past few years, my personal artistic process has involved trying to merge with people remotely, to 'touch' them, using my body and all its systems and parts; my ‘antennas'. From Whitehorse I was craving physical contact with dancers elsewhere, so I made several dances from my own home. I then attempted to dance ‘with’ people from a distance in a duet. Video became a new medium, and thus a new skin. I digitally layered my body with other dancer’s, doing what I referred to then as choreography-as-editing and we got to ‘touch’ each other. The more I manipulated the works through the editing, the more intimate the duets became. As a dance-artist now working with video, I figured there must be many other dance-artists also working with video, and video-artists working with dance. I wondered, what are other dance artists creating, obsessing about, dealing with, or expressing about skin? I discovered that skin is an amazing metaphor: it is a shell, it is a conduit, it is a home, it is a hiding place, it is a container, it is how we feel and touch and give and receive.

ViDEOSKiN was conceived out of that strong desire to connect with dance and video artists from around the world who deal profoundly with the themes of bodily pleasure, pain, emotional expression, internal thought, human interaction, connection and isolation. The thread that binds this show is ‘skin’ and through this lens, international artists explore ideas of metaphor, race, representation, surfaces, canvasses, boundaries, homes, clothing, screens, organs, and many more. Categorized variably as ‘contemporary dance video-art’, ‘experimental dance film’, ‘dance and new media video’, ‘dance animation’, ‘videodance production’ and ‘dance on camera’, the selected works push boundaries through form and/or content. The richness of substance and the infinite diverseness presented in ViDEOSKiN are awe-inspiring. From intimate pieces to vast and digital works, you can expect to see videos from around the world ranging from one to thirty minutes in length. You will want to come back to the gallery several times to witness it all!

More information about ViDEOSKiN: https://videoskin2018.wordpress.com/


October 2018

The Focus Gallery

Northern Cultural Expressions // Bringing Cultures Together

Invitation NCES

Exhibition on view Friday, October 5th - Saturday, October 27th, 2018

The Northern Cultural Expressions Society is dynamic, a non-profit organization, committed to providing opportunities for young people; channelling their energy to artistic expressions and business development. Our programs are directed at Yukon First Nations students but are open to all cultures.


Ali Khoda

Bre-Anna Beavan

Calvin Morberg

Darcy Tara (Mcdiarmid)

Duran Henry

Josh Ward

Justin Smith

Stewart Tizya

Yuya Morishima


The Edge Gallery

 FMR // Verdigris
 Invitation FMR

Join us on Friday, October 5th from 5-7pm for the opening of FMR's exhibition, "Verdigris" at Arts Underground (lower level of the Hougen Centre). 

A chairlift is available for those who require mobility assistance. Exhibition on view: Friday, October 5th until Saturday, October 27th.


My work is about the fundamental role of language in our experience of consciousness and external reality, and consequently, in our construction of ourselves. This particular show looks at the unravelling of our construction of the self through loss of memory. By using the "old", and to some obsolete, medium of calligraphy, as well as overt imagery of loss/absence (my pictures from the Pere Lachaise and Montmartre cemeteries in Paris, and Ashkeaton friary in Ireland) I'm interested in these spaces we eliminate or lose from our memories by ceasing to tell their stories, or by overwriting them with new ones.

I have used a patchwork of media – photography, calligraphy, stencil, fragmented literary references – to mimic the fragmented memory as well as the attempt to reconstruct something/anything from the remnants to understand and integrate this loss. We are used to and expect continuity in the stories of our selves, and these pieces examine what happens when this expectation of continuity is disrupted.


FMR has used a patchwork of media – photography, calligraphy, stencil, fragmented literary references – to mimic the fragmented memory as well as the attempt to reconstruct something/anything from the remnants to understand and integrate this loss. We are used to and expect continuity in the stories of our selves, and these pieces examine what happens when this expectation of continuity is disrupted.

September 2018

The Chu Niikwän Artist Residency // Nicole Bauberger, Lia Fabre-Dimsdale, and Blake LepineChu Niikwän YAC website

The Chu Niikwän Artist Residency is a unique partnership between three visual arts presenters: Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre, the Yukon Arts Centre and the Yukon Art Society. Centred around the shared goal of artistic innovation, collaboration and professional development, this 3-week paid residency invites three visual artists as well as an emerging curator to gather in Whitehorse, Yukon to develop an exhibition of new work.


Blake Lepine, or Shaá’koon, was born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon. He is of Tlingit, Han, Cree and Scottish descent and grew up with the Tlingit culture. Blake is inspired by the old designs from carving books his mother had. Over the years, Blake has practiced and perfected his own stylized form and interpretation of this art while adhering to the traditional foundations. This gives a modern voice to an ancient art, but also carries it into modern mediums other than the traditional forms of carving and painting of his ancestors. Blake has also worked with silkscreen, design, beadwork, textile work, sewing and painted leather, collage, block printing and watercolour. Through these mediums Blake has found a way of expressing his everyday experiences and life lessons through this art. For the Chu Niikwän Artist Residency, Blake is working with silkscreened designs and silkscreened photographic images that will be combined with form line designs of Tlingit art.

Lia Fabre-Dimsdale is an emerging artist who has grown up in a variety of northern communities and now calls Whitehorse her home. Lia is Dehcho Dene from Liidlii-Kue First Nation on her father's side and French-Italian on her mother’s side. Growing up in the north has greatly influenced her artwork. She draws inspiration from the land and the plants that inhabit these environments. Lia’s work is further influenced by old French traditional-style animated films and beautifully illustrated storybooks that are from her childhood. Growing up, she learned about the famous Ghibli Studio and their films, which has also served as inspiration to the work she produces. This studio is renowned for their highly detailed, nature-inspired and hand-drawn animation. Currently, film continues to be a main source of influence on Lia’s practice. She has a strong interest in the act of storytelling. Lia is taking an organic approach to her Chu Niikwän Artist Residency and playing off of the different themes that arise during this time.

Nicole Bauberger’s art practice spans many different mediums and fields. She has a finely honed skill in oil painting that begun over a 5-year apprenticeship in the 90’s. She will use encaustic, acrylic, clay, beadwork, teabags, doilies and crochet yarn, glass, research and writing, or songs on the ukulele, as required. Nicole’s work has been exhibited in public galleries since 1999. She embraces collaboration and often works with a variety of other artists. During the Chu Niikwän Artist Residency, Nicole will be working with found pieces of glass and metal that are located near the Yukon River and her artist residency studio at the Old Fire Hall in downtown Whitehorse.

Learn more about the Residency

Yukon Arts Centre | The Chu Niikwän Artist Residency

Arts Underground | The Chu Niikwän Artist Residency

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