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Mother's Day Painting in Pairs, May 14 -- Sponsored by Corked!

Instructor: Maya Rosenberg
Date: Sunday, May 14
Time: 1-4pm
Ages: 12+
Cost: $150 for 2 people  +GST (all supplies included)

Painting with loved ones is a special experience. This Mother's Day, let Maya be your host as you sip wine, nibble on hors d'oeuvre, and paint the afternoon away.

In three hours, you and your Mom will have created a match-up set of landscapes. 

Appetizers and wine are included.

To register, drop by Arts Underground or call reception at (867) 667-4080. Yukon Art Society members get 10% off.

Intro to Ceramics/Pottery with Astrid Kruse, April 18-May 30

Sorry, this class is full.
Instructor: Astrid Kruse
Dates: Tuesdays, April 18 - May 30 (7 sessions)
Time: 7-10 pm
Ages: 14+
Cost: $325 plus GST (includes clay, glazing and firing)
Students will be introduced to the properties of clay, wheel throwing techniques, some hand-building and studio practice. After glazing and firing, participants will have beautiful functional pottery or one of a kind works of art to take away.

Figurative Clay Sculpture with Sandra Storey, April 1,2,13

Sorry, this class is full.
Instructor: Sandra Storey
Date: Saturday, April 1, Sunday, April 2, Thursday, April 13(3 sessions)
Times: 10am-4pm/10am-4pm/6pm-8pm
Ages: 14+
Cost: $225 +GST (all supplies included)

Class description by Sandra: Clay is very much like the human body. The elements of each are the same. Clay behaves much like skin. It remembers each twist or tool mark. Clay has the ability to absorb energy/feeling, much like a poultice. 

Consider: What is the shape of your power/helper animal.?

                What is the shape of your own spirit?

                What is the message you would tell yourself and what would the ambassador of that message look like?

This will be an intensive in clay sculpture providing participants with the knowledge to produce hand built work at home from concept to finished pieces. The focus will be that of figurative that is of the human/animal body. In sculpture this is often used as a metaphor for something bigger- more profound. Choose to create something that has meaning to you. It could easily be fun and goofy. This work can be placed indoors or outdoors. Think of where it might live so that you can consider the base/etc. Participants will be expected to research ideas and come prepared with a proposed  concept or desire. Drawings- images etc. Look up other artists in clay and borrow. Here are some clay artists to Google;

Adrian Arleo

Debra W. Fritts

Ronna Neuenschwander

Mark Chatterly

To register, drop by Arts Underground or call reception at (867) 667-4080. Yukon Art Society members get 10% off.

Introduction to Beading with Rhoda Merkel, April 24, 26


Instructor: Rhoda Merkel
Date: Monday & Wednesday, April 24, 26(2 sessions)
Times: 6:30pm-8:30pm (both days)
Ages: 14+
Cost: $95 plus GST (all supplies included)

The final product in this class will be a wool pouch with a beaded applique. Rhoda will teach five beading techniques -- how to bead a circle, straight lines, curved lines, filling in and edging.  You will plan your beading design to sew onto a coloured piece of wool that you will select. Students will learn beading appreciation by being able to identify the techniques in beading samples and photos.

To register, drop by Arts Underground or call reception at (867) 667-4080. Yukon Art Society members get 10% off.

Design a Summer Skirt with Fashion Designer Jacquelyn Van Kampen; June 17 & 24


Instructor: Jacquelyn Van Kampen
Dates: Saturdays, June 17 & 24 (2 sessions)
Time: 10am-2pm/10am-4pm
Ages: 14+
Cost: $150 + GST (fabric not included, must bring a sewing machine)

Course description by JVK: Ever wanted to make clothing tailored to your individual body shape? In this workshop you will learn how to take your own measurements and use them to draft a skirt pattern from scratch. We will go through the steps involved in turning your pattern into various types of skirts including pencil, a-line, gore, godet and pleated. At the end of this two part workshop you will not only have the skirt and pattern you made yourself, but you will also have the knowledge and skills to transform your pattern into a variety of different styles. Ultimately giving you endless opportunities to transform your wardrobe and use up some of that fabric stash.

Jacquelyn is a seamstress and fashion designer from Ontario. She first came to the North last summer as Haines Junction’s Artist in Residence. During the residency she created several garments inspired by the landscape using found materials including porcupine quills from roadkill and upcycling garments from the free store and goodwill. Jacquelyn has taught various workshops in pattern drafting and textile manipulation. She is passionate about all things handmade and loves to see folks get excited about creating their own clothing. She can’t wait to be back in The Yukon this summer to teach again with Arts Underground.

Introduction to Embroidery with Karen Nicloux, April 17, 18, 20

Instructor: Karen Nicloux
Dates: April 17, 18, 20 (3 sessions)
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Ages: 14+
Cost: $95 + GST (all supplies included)

Learn the art of enhancement with simple tools such as embroidery thread and a needle. Over three evenings, Karen will have students employ the techniques of straight-stitch embroidery on a piece of white melton. It is a skill you can take home and use to enhance that vintage coat, a pair of moccassins, or mittens.

To register, drop by Arts Underground or call reception at (867) 667-4080. Yukon Art Society members get 10% off

Pysanky - Ukrainian Easter Eggs, April 8

Instructor: Sheelah Tolton
Date: Saturday, April 8
Time: 1-4pm
Ages: 14+ (youth between 10 & 14 may attend if accompanied by an adult)
Cost: $50  +GST (all supplies included)

Learn the traditional wax resist and dying methods behind the making of Ukrainian Easter eggs. Sheelah will explain the symbolism and meaning of the art form and its traditional patterns as she walks you through the process of creating your own. Besides a beautiful Easter egg, participants will be given their own toolkit so they can make more at home.

To register, drop by Arts Underground or call reception at (867) 667-4080. Yukon Art Society members get 10% off.

Colourful Landscapes (intro to acrylics), May 4-June 22

Instructor: Maya Rosenberg
Date: Thursdays, May 4-June22 (7 sessions)
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Ages: 14+
Cost: $250 +GST (all supplies included)

This introduction to acrylics class will take you on an adventure through landscapes and colour. Maya will guide through prepping your canvas or board to the ultimate detail on the finished product. Here you will explore colour theory and learn the qualities of acrylic paint.

To register, drop by Arts Underground or call reception at (867) 667-4080. Yukon Art Society members get 10% off.

Thank you to our sponsors and partners.